Maiar Wizards

Maiar Wizards

NFT Collections

OG Maiar Wizards: WIZARD-2967f0
The original Maiar Wizards NFT series (V1), now known as “OG Wizards”.
Only 250 were minted and are now “retired”.
Holding gives access to the OG-Wizards-Lounge and OG-Giveaways channels on Discord.

Maiar Wizards 2.0 LX (V2): WIZARDS-f3bf32
The primary asset in the Maiar Wizards NFT ecosystem, granting access to everything.
Holders receive weekly $MAGIC token distributions and may claim XMEX Rewards.

Foci Arcana: ARCANA-a4e840“Wizards are able to channel and control Mystical Forces and Energies, with an Arcane Focus their Magical Power can be magnified. A Foci alone can provide some Magic, but it’s not as Magical as a Wizard.”

Foci Arcana Lore: LORE-8f81b0“When wizards gather, they trade in Knowledge, Wisdom, & Lore, these are of most value to wizards. They can use Magic to get other things, but the occult and hidden secrets of the world are what they truly value.”

Commemorative Coins: MWCOINS-b70fb6

Airdropped to holders as a gift and trophy to mark being there in the beginning of Maiar Wizards and $MAGIC token.

Unus Mundus: UNUSMUNDUS-b6fd6a

Art drops created exclusively for Maiar Wizards in limited number for special achievements and roles on our Discord server.