Maiar Wizards - Magic Token

Created by Maiar Wizards NFT, $MAGIC is an Elrond Standard Digital Token (ESDT) built on the MultiversX blockchain.
MultiversX is fast, cheap and efficient, leveraging Adaptive State Sharding and a unique Secure Proof of Stake consenseus mechanism to provide industry leading scalability.
A carbon negative blockchain, transactions cost pennies and occur within seconds on a network of over 3200 decentralized validators.
$MAGIC is as fast, secure and scalable as the native $EGLD coin itself.


Earn $MAGIC – Holding Maiar Wizards 2.0 NFTs and Foci Arcana SFTs.
Win $MAGIC – Games and Giveaways on Discord and Twitter.
Trade $MAGIC – On P2P exchanges, currently only on and Jexchange (more to come)
Spend $MAGIC – Mint Maiar Wizards NFTs, Bid on NFT Auctions, NFT Lotteries.